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Newcomers Club of the Grand Strand

Women Welcoming Women to the Grand Strand

Newcomers Club - Committee Members 2023-2024

Committee  Board Members 
Ambassador Chair

Michelina Goetz

Kim Marks

Barbara Jadick

Pat Rein

Elizabeth Roeber

Membership Chair

Connie Moffatt

Hospitality Co-Chair

Linda Coulter

Poppy Hepp

Holly Tedaldi

Coffee Chairs

Darlene Filosa

Alison Messina

Laura Perini


Elaine Steiner

Ruth Ruff/Suzanne Sharp/Linda Brubaker


Carol Hartofil, Roseann Matthews, Eileen McElligott

Reservations Chair

Tara Burfening

Karen McCoale

Newspaper Editor

Tara Burfening


Barbara Reynolds


Shirley Scholfield


Gerri Levine

Outside Events Chair/Assts

Marilyn Keyser/Jackie Hirschfeld/Anita Winters


Suzanne Sharp

Fund Raising Chairs/Co Chair

Attraction Books


Mahjong Cards

Purple Bucket

50/50 Chair/Asst

Peggy Suggs/Dixie Kelso

Anita Miller

CB Eagen/Linda Irwin

Barbara Drossos/Janet Florentine/Ana Maria VanDer Meer

Linda Irwin

Eileen McElligot/Wendy Venza

Special Interest Chair/Asst

Linda Walsh/Sharon Vereb  

Spring Fashion Show Co-Chairs 

Website Brenda Tuel/Connie Moffatt

Newcomers of the Grand Strand is an organization dedicated to fostering unity, inclusion and equity as members embrace our diverse tapestry, striving for a vibrant community where all backgrounds are equally celebrated and empowered.

Newcomers Club of the Grand Strand

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